Transfer all of your priceless memories to DVD!

We can transfer to DVD from any kind of audio or video tapes, films, slides, photos, even photograph albums!

Preserve, safeguard and protect all those home movies in which you have captured important events, documentaries, sports, school events, reunions and joyful childhood memories.

We can transfer from any source including international formats to High Digital Quality using new digital technology.

Enjoy all your old memory collection on T.V.

You dont need old projectors and screen set-ups any more. We convert old slides, Photos, LP Records 8mm and 16mm films from the 30s, 40,s 50s, 60s and 70s. Made easy to watch on your regular T.V. with High Digital Quality.

Old Video Tapes & Films lose original quality (fade away) in a short time and finally disappears. Quality on VHS tapes degrades little by little with each playback. Quality degrades over the years, even if the tape is not used. Your priceless tape can be easily damaged in old VCRs.

By converting your memories into a digital format, you preserve them for many years to come. DVD disc that are properly handed can last for more than 100 years. Unlike VHS tapes that may only last 7 - 10 years.

Pictures transferred to DVD
  • Picture Montage and Wedding Video
  • Old Photos or Pictures can be scanned and transferred to DVD
  • Pictures from digital cameras can be transferred to DVD
  • Pictures from memory chip to DVD
  • Create photo albums on DVD
  • Pictures Download from Internet to DVD
Documents transferred to DVD
  • Power Point Transfer
  • Legal Video Transfer
  • Sports Scholarship Videos Transfer
  • Internet Videos
  • Scrapbook material
  • Travel documents such as Passport, Visa, and Medical info. Birth certificate etc. Can be scanned and transferred to DVD for safekeeping.
  • Documents Download from Internet
Audio transferred to DVD
  • Personal Audio collection (old L.P. records)
  • Family audio recordings
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